Black Friday cross-border purchases soar by 545%

Global international sales reach three-week peak as sales start to climb earlier in the month ahead of Black Friday shopping period

London, 13 December 2019: The number of cross-border retail sales during Black Friday 2019 increased significantly by 545% compared to the first weekend of November according to the latest data from cross-border ecommerce solutions provider, Global-e.


Global-e tracked international orders from UK retailers across over 200 international markets. The data reveals that the growth in orders around Black Friday 2019 were significantly greater than in 2018, with a 241% growth in 2019 on Black Friday weekend compared to the weekend before, versus a 130% growth in the same period in 2018. This 85% YoY uplift around the Black Friday weekend demonstrates the increased globalisation of this shopping peak, as shoppers throughout the world have been allured by the Black Friday shopping phenomenon.



Global-e data also shows that retailers are driving purchases well ahead of the global shopping event, with cross-border sales surging 150% over 8th-11th November compared to the week before.


This climbed a further 183% the following weekend before reaching an incredible 545% increase over the Black Friday weekend itself as shoppers across the globe capitalised on promotions from UK retailers.

The significant growth in UK cross-border online sales around the Black Friday weekend was seen across many markets, some of which experienced huge uplifts in sales from countries worldwide. This included Singapore (861%), Denmark (815%) and Ireland (641%), comparing the day of Black Friday to the average number of orders made on Friday during November 2019.



Nir Debbi, Co-Founder and CRO, Global-e, said: “The significant rise in cross-border purchases online clearly demonstrates the enormous scale of global shopping events like Black Friday. With shoppers all around the world, including markets like Singapore and Denmark, looking for promotions, there is an enormous opportunity for UK merchants to boost their online revenues.


With the increasing demand from consumers worldwide to shop cross-border, this sparks a need for brands and retailers to enhance their online channels internationally through a seamless and localised shopping experience, tailored to individual markets. Optimising the shopping experience for cross-border shoppers and tailoring it to their local preferences will allow retailers and brands to fully capitalise on what has now become a three-week global shopping peak.”