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Cross-border e-commerce orders increase by 43% globally

Cross-border e-commerce orders
increase by 43% globally

London, 27 June 2019: The number of cross-border mobile ecommerce orders has increased globally by more than 43% in the past year, according to data released today from cross-border ecommerce solutions provider, Global-e.

Global-e tracked the growth of cross-border orders from UK retailers across over 200 international markets from 2017 to 2018. The data revealed that in 2018, 33% of the cross-border orders were made on mobile devices, compared to 23% in 2017.

Focusing on specific markets, the increases are even greater. In Germany, for example, the number of cross-border m-commerce orders have grown by 60% in the past year, reaching 37% of all cross-border orders in 2018. In Singapore, 38% of orders were made on mobile in 2018, a 50% YoY growth compared to 2017 and in Australia, the number has increased by 49% compared to 2017.

Global-e’s data also reveals that there are some markets where more people shop online cross-border using their mobile than their PC, such as South Korea (58%) and Ireland (54%). Trailing these markets is Japan, with 49% of shoppers purchasing via mobile.

YoY Growth rate in specific markets (2018 vs. 2017)


Country % of purchases made via mobile in 2018 YoY growth rate (2018 vs. 2017)
Germany 37% +60%
Netherlands 37% +59%
Hong Kong 34% +51%
Singapore 38% +50%
Australia 36% +49%
Republic of Ireland 54% +41%
United States 38% +37%
Japan 49% +26%
South Korea 58% +12%


Global-e also tracked the same markets for cross-border sales on mobile for the first three months of 2019, comparing them to the same period in 2018. There was a significant additional increase in many markets, including in the United States (+23%), the Netherlands (+17%), Singapore (+16%) and Australia (+14%), revealing that the trend towards m-commerce continues to rise.

Nir Debbi, Co-Founder and CRO, Global-e, said: “As online shoppers worldwide increasingly move towards shopping on their mobile devices, retailers and brands selling online internationally need to ensure that they offer a seamless m-commerce experience to both their domestic and international customers. No matter where in the world they are located, mobile shoppers seek a convenient shopping experience that is designed for mobile, and also supports, for example, popular local payment methods that are mobile friendly such as Apple Pay, WeChat and Klarna.

Merchants need to ensure that the online shopping experience they offer is completely localized and tailored to each and every market and to the platform their shoppers are using. With the growing proliferation of m-commerce all around the globe, this becomes a crucial step for driving international online sales.”