What we do?

Global-e enables retailers to sell globally in a localised manner to over one billion online shoppers in more than 200 markets worldwide


We enable retailers to offer a seamless, localised shopping experience for international shoppers, covering all aspects of the customer journey, including:

  • Local pricing – we support over 95 currencies including a variety of marketing rounding options
  • Payments  as merchant of record we offer over 50 local payment methods
  • Languages – we support over 12 different languages
  • Shipping  we offer multiple shipping options at very attractive rates
  • Local returns – we offer convenient domestic returns in key markets
  • Landed cost – we take care of duty and tax calculations and support prepayment for a guaranteed landed cost

Our comprehensive solution allows retailers to offer a fully localised shopping experience for all shoppers worldwide, enhancing the customer experience and helping retailers to increase international sales.


We give retailers peace of mind by removing the risk and complexity associated with selling to international markets online.

Some of the benefits of our comprehensive service include:

  • Zero risk – we remove any risk of fraud or currency fluctuations
  • Simple transactions – as international merchant of record we offer local transactions in the currency of your choice with simple local settlement
  • Full compliance – we take care of EU VAT and distant selling regulation compliance of the sale
  • Cost effective shipping – we offer multiple, efficient shipping options
  • Intelligent pricing – we support local pricing strategies
  • International expertise – our team of experts can help you at every step of the way
  • Single integration – we offer easy-to-integrate cartridges and plug-ins to all major platforms as well as a lightweight client-side integration so there’s no need for a dedicated international site
  • As “Merchant of Record” (MOR) we handle all payment processing, fraud management and international regulation compliance, international shipping and returns, making international sales as simple and local as domestic ones  for both the retailer and the international shopper 

With Global-e’s solution you can simply “Go Global. Be Local”

How we do it?

Global-e provides an end-to-end solution for retailers, opening up sales opportunities in new markets globally with a consistent, yet fully localised customer experience, and a simple, risk-free transaction for the retailer


Our localised browsing experience features include:

  • Localised welcome message – display a fully configurable branded welcome message to shoppers, with important information such as international shipping, local currency and other country-specific messaging.
  • Prices in local currency – all prices are presented in the customers’ local currency. We support more than 95 different currencies.
  • Local pricing –  we support local pricing strategies including price coefficients, rounding rules, currency hedging and fully localised price files.
  • VAT handling – we manage VAT adjustments during the browsing stage in full compliance with distance selling regulation.


Global-e’s checkout process is optimised to yield high conversion rates from international traffic to retailers’ websites. Some of the ways we streamline the checkout process include:

  • Support for over 50 local alternative payment methods –  this allows customers to pay in their preferred method, providing our merchants with higher conversion rates on their international sales.
  • Tax and import duty calculation and prepayment –  our tax and import duty calculator gives customers the option to pre-pay all taxes and import duties (if applicable) at the time of the purchase to avoid any nasty surprises or delays on delivery and to get a guaranteed landed cost.
  • Multiple shipping options – we offer a variety of shipping options, from regular mail to express courier, at competitive rates.
  • Multiple languages – our checkout is fully localised to more than 12 languages so customers feel 100% confident when making a purchase.
  • Address verification – our address verification tool allows us to verify the shoppers’ addresses and suggest necessary amendments to ensure that parcels are delivered effectively and arrive on time.
  • Mobile-friendly – our checkout is fully responsive for tablets and mobile devices.
  • As “Merchant of Record” (MOR) we handle all payment processing, fraud management and international regulation compliance, international shipping and returns, making international sales as simple and local as domestic ones  for both the retailer and the international shopper.


Global-e’s efficient logistic operations enable us to simplify cross-border sales making it as easy as local domestic sales. We can do that by:

  • Multi-carrier approach – we have partnerships with many different carriers around the globe to ensure the most effective service at competitive prices as well as business continuity at all times.
  • Guaranteed landed cost – we calculate import taxes and duties in real time, based on the items that shoppers add to the shopping cart and the country to which the items are shipped. This allows us to present the customer with the full landed cost of the purchase and the option to prepay taxes and duties, which prevents shoppers from being hit by unexpected charges upon delivery.
  • Tracking portal – once an order has been placed through Global-e’s checkout service, the customer receives a confirmation email with a tracking number. Customers can log-in to our online tracking portal and check the latest delivery information of their parcel.
  • Returns portal – with our merchant-branded returns portal we can fully support your returns policy. We support prepaid returns, online prepayment by the customer or regular returns by post based on your policy and preferences.
  • Local returns – we offer local domestic returns in high priority countries. This service allows customers to return purchases to a local hub, saving them time and money.


We have extensive market knowledge and the right set of technological tools to enable merchants to capitalise on the international online market. Our solution includes:

  • Local pricing strategies – the Global-e solution enables merchants to adapt different pricing strategies for different countries based on marketing preferences. This can include country coefficients as well as other parameters such as prices rounding rules, shipping prices and subsidies, import taxes, and VAT. Our team of experts can provide recommendations and advise on best practices to help you optimise your offering.
  • Local markets insights – we support our clients with our vast global marketing knowledge and extensive research. This gives merchants valuable insights to inform business decisions and strategically plan marketing initiatives. Whether expanding into a new market or increasing cross-border sales in existing markets, we are there to assist you in realising your international sales potential.
  • Periodical reporting – our account managers support merchants from the first day of the on-boarding stage and thereafter on an ongoing basis. The main objective of our account managers is to fully understand your business requirements and your international targets so that we, at Global-e, can support you getting there.


Global-e’s comprehensive risk management processes ensure effective and risk free international expansion. Our processes support:

  • Zero fraud risk – we bear the cross-border fraud risk so there is zero international fraud risk for the merchant. We can do that thanks to our sophisticated anti-fraud engine and experienced team of fraud analysts, all geared to delivered a holistic and complete e-commerce business solution that maximise international sales.
  • PCI and DPA compliance – Global-e’s platform is fully compliant with the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and DPA (Data Protection Act) to ensure that cardholder data is used and kept under the utmost security provisions. All of Global-e’s applications are operated on secure servers, with development and deployment procedures in place to ensure that all systems and data are stored safely and securely.
  • VAT and distance selling regulation compliance – we ensure our merchants full compliance with all Distant Selling Regulations around the EU. We are registered for VAT purposes in all EU countries saving our merchants the time and money that is required to register and manage VAT around Europe.
  • Country restrictions – our catalogue management module enables us to screen merchants’ catalogues for customs categories, mapping and managing any required import or other product level restrictions (commercial or regulatory).
  • Brand protection – Global-e’s services integrate seamlessly with merchants websites, enabling retailers to keep full control over their brand, messaging and traffic data.
  • Customers’ details retention – our solution enables merchants to retain full ownership over their customers’ details for marketing, compliance or any other purpose.

Our Clients

Success story / Function18

Global-e to support international eCommerce expansion for Function18 specialised golf retailer

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Global-e to support international eCommerce expansion for Function18 specialised golf retailer

The Challenge

With high competition from both domestic and international retailers, Function 18, a specialist golf apparel retailer found it hard to continue to keep its previous years’ growth rate. In addition, it became increasingly costly for them to manage cross-border ecommerce operations due to the growing demands from international customers and increasing technological and operational barriers, such as local taxes and VAT, high shipping rates, returns management etc.

Function 18 management was looking for a cost-effective solution that will help boost their international sales but at the same time will streamline and simplify international sales processes.

The Solution

To address Function 18’s international growth challenges and maximise their ROI from their global on-line operations, they have decided to partner with Global-e, Europe’s leading provider of cross-border ecommerce solutions.

Specifically, what appealed to F-18 was Global-e’s comprehensive and broad solution paired with an agile and flexible approach enabling us to adjust our solution to their specific unique needs.

Main features that were implemented on Function 18’s website include:

  • Local pricing and currencies with over 60 currencies supported
  • 45 different payment methods ranging from major credit cards to local alternative payments methods
  • Tax and duty calculation and prepayment
  • Localised welcome message and checkout in 10 different languages
  • Attractive shipping services

Implementation took 9 weeks and required only one single integration through the Global-e Magento extension

The Results

Within 2 months of Global–e’s solution implementation, Function 18’s international sales grew by more than 30% whilst sales in territories outside the EU went up by more than 50%.

In 2016, Function18’s International Year-on-year sales grew by more than 90% (compared to 2015) with an 80% increase in the rate of returning international customers.

Overall, since launching Global-e’s solution, Function18 have experiencedmore than 130% growth in their cross-border sales.

Within two years from implementation, Function18 have achieved great results worldwide:





Success story / LR Direct

Global-e’s Solution to Increase International Sales Performances for the UK Leading Supplier of Land Rover Parts

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Global-e’s Solution to Increase International Sales Performances for the UK Leading Supplier of Land Rover Parts

The Challenge

LR Direct is the leading on-line supplier of genuine Land Rover spare parts and accessories.

Until 2015, LR Direct sales were highly focused in the UK and Europe, even though they were able to ship almost anywhere in the world. Looking at the high potential in RoW markets, LR wanted to find an effective way to increase their global reach, without significant investment. At the same time, they were looking to potentially simplify and streamline their finance, legal and tech processes in the EU, to be able to comply with all distance selling regulations.

The Solution

LR Direct management approached Global-e for a holistic solution to effectively remove the barriers for cross-border sales:

  • A limited number of currencies and payment methods were supported
  • No taxes and duties calculation and prepayment was available
  • Shipping services were not cost effective

Global-e enabled LR Direct to overcome the barriers they faced for successful cross border sales with one single integration. By implementing Global-e’s cross border solution, LR Direct were able to offer a fully localised experience to their international customers, while reducing the complexity and simplifying processes for the LR Direct team. As a company that sells not only to private customers, but also to businesses (such as automobile repair shops  etc.), the ability to provide a guaranteed landed cost was of utmost importance for LR Direct and had a significant impact on their international growth.

The Results

Within a year from launch, LR Direct achieved great results: over 250% growth in sales in North America, 70% in the Far East and 63% growth in total for ROW countries.

In addition, in non-EU countries in Europe, LR Direct have experienced significant sales uplifts:

164% in Switzerland, 142% in Russia and 27% in Norway. Adding a variety of payment methods had a positive effect in markets where customers tend to use

alternative payment methods, such as Japan where JCB represents 38% of payments and where LR Direct experienced 45% growth.


“Since partnering with Global-e M&S has been able to improve its cross-border e-commerce and provide great customer service. Global-e allows us to adapt the experience in accordance with each local market’s specific needs. The benefit of Global-e’s dynamic approach to local market knowledge and genuine interest in what we do makes Global-e a valued partner in making every moment special for our customers.”

James Doyle / Clothing & Home Logistics Manager

“We wanted to partner with an ecommerce provider that had demonstrated results. Global-e doesn’t just house software people – their strong competency in delivery gave us confidence that they understood how markets grow and they could adapt customer service strategy accordingly. After a smooth and guided implementation process, this is just the beginning of a strategic partnership between Astley Clarke and Global-e which will see us moving ahead with our international goals as we transform shopping in local markets through investment in more efficient and engaging ecommerce experiences.”

Scott Thomson / CEO

“We were ahead of the game when we started to ship internationally and over the last 17 years we have enjoyed great success expanding into new markets. However, as customer expectations continue to rise, we came to the realisation that we needed to bring in more support and expertise to assist us as we scale up the business internationally. Global-e has proven to be the perfect partner for our business. Since day one, they have impressed us with speed of delivery and quality of support, and we’re already seeing a positive impact on sales around the world. I would recommend Global-e without hesitation to any online retailer.”  

Martin Francis / Chief Customer Officer

“We have been really impressed with the fast integration with Global-e and we’ve seen an instant increase in international sales and customer satisfaction as a result.”

Gary Swift / Company Director

“We are focussed on growing the Griffin brand internationally and want to see Griffin become the go-to brand for tech accessories worldwide. Although we already have many existing customers outside the US, we recognised that we weren’t tapping into this potential customer base fully, especially online. To do that, we knew that we needed to offer a consistent and fully localised experience in every market. Global-e’s solution enables us to do just that and we are already seeing a significant increase in international sales as a result.”

Neil Edwards / Managing Director International

“We are very pleased with the results, we hear great feedback from our customers and we are proud to give our shoppers an amazing experience from anywhere in the world. Global-e is enabling us to focus our efforts on marketing and shop management as internal resources previously spent on fulfillment, legals risk management etc have now dramatically reduced. “

Andy Edwards / Managing Director

“The Global-e solution has created an amazing transformation to our global reach. With minimal implementation costs, we are now able to efficiently sell our products all over the world.”

Barry Iddon / Director

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