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IMRG Global-e Cross-border Index: Second Edition

The second edition of the IMRG and Global-e Cross-Border Index takes a deep dive into 2020 cross-border ecommerce trading.  Download the report for exclusive data from the holiday peak period in Q4 of 2020 and insights that shed light on overall cross-border performance compared to the previous year, UK to EU trade versus UK to non-EU, payment trends and device usage.

Global-ecommerce calendar 2021

The Global-ecommerce Calendar contains the dates, countries that celebrate and handy statistics on the most popular shopping holidays in 2021 around the world, enabling you to simply plan your international ecommerce promotions in advance.

Preparing for a no-deal Brexit: Preserving EU ecommerce conversion rates and customer satisfaction

With the UK’s transition period ending on December 31st 2020, and as of yet no deal having been reached, here are some insights and recommendations for GB merchants trading with the EU post-Brexit.

IMRG Global-e Cross-border Index

The new Global-e and IMRG Index tracks the cross-border ecommerce sales growth of UK merchants, based on the data of around 200 UK ecommerce retailers on the Global-e platform. The first edition of the quarterly index analyses cross-border commerce sales from January-August 2020, compared to the same period in 2019, providing a strong indication of the impacts of COVID-19 for international ecommerce retailers in the UK.

Best practices to increase international online sales during challenging times

Watch Global-e’s webinar from the Ecommerce Expo 2020 where Europe CEO, Neil Kuschel discusses the accelerated growth of the global ecommerce market and how online retailers are driving global sales throughout the pandemic. Explore the vast potential of cross-border ecommerce through market-specific data and uncover best practices that are proven to optimise global conversion rates and increase international revenue.

What impact did COVID-19 have on cross border sales growth for UK retailers

Global-e CEO Europe, Neil Kuschel and IMRG Strategy and Insight Director, Andy Mulcahy discuss the impact of COVID-19 on cross-border ecommerce, using the IMRG Global-e Index to give a detailed view into international sales performance since January 2020, with regional comparisons. They discuss changes in consumer shopping behaviour and present strategies for improving the international shopping experience in order to maximise international ecommerce success.

COVID-19 Cross-Border Ecommerce
Trading Implications: Insights so far and future outlook

Global-e’s second report explores the cross-border ecommerce trading implications of COVID-19 into June, as physical stores begin to reopen in many places. Global-e’s data is based on the trading of 350 merchants, displayed YoY by month to take into account seasonality. The findings show a strong trend of growth in discretionary cross-border ecommerce trading since April, including increases in luxury ecommerce. While physical retail continues to decline, the increase in ecommerce retails suggests that consumer habits have made a long-term shift towards online shopping, with shoppers also diverting spending from leisure and travel.

Country report
The Japan cross-border ecommerce market

Japan is the fourth largest e-commerce market in the world, yet only a very small percentage of local online shoppers purchase from cross-border websites. Discover more about the unique preferences of Japanese online shoppers and the best practices to successfully increase conversion rates in this unique and promising market.