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The Cross-Border Ecommerce Shopper Survey

Billions of people worldwide purchase the same items online and follow the same brands. In our cross-border ecommerce survey, we examined the behaviours and preferences of cross-border online shoppers across different markets around the world and how they connect with the brands they are buying from.

Global-ecommerce Calendar 2023

Have you planned your 2023 international promotions? The Global-ecommerce Calendar contains the most popular ecommerce shopping events and holidays around the world, complete with country breakdowns and useful information to help you plan all your cross-border ecommerce promotions in advance.

Country report
The Norwegian cross-border ecommerce opportunity

Although a small market, Norway offers big opportunities for international ecommerce retailers and brands. With a retail ecommerce share ranking fifth highest in the world and over a third of total online retail in 2020 coming from international websites, Norway’s ecommerce levels match those of the UK, Europe’s leading market for ecommerce uptake. Discover best-practices and unique insights for optimising your sales in this highly active ecommerce market.

Global-ecommerce Calendar 2022

Get planning! The Global-ecommerce Calendar 2022 contains all the most popular ecommerce shopping holidays and events around the world, complete with dates, countries, and handy stats allowing you to stay one step ahead and plan all your cross-border ecommerce promotions in advance.

A Data-based Model to Drive International DTC Growth Strategies and Profitability

In this GELF NYC ’21 keynote, Jonathan Greller, President -Digital Ventures, details how Marquee Brands extended its ‘digital first’ approach to global markets, implemented advanced localization on web stores of three of its key brands, BCBG, Motherhood, and A Pea in the Pod. Listen to this session to learn how the brands leveraged data-backed best practices to offer international customers an optimal shopping experience and grow cross-border online sales while maintaining profit margins in line with their domestic performance.

Never Fully Dressed’s Cross-Border Ecommerce Growth Strategy

Watch Global-e’s session at the virtual eCommerce Expo to hear Never Fully Dressed’s Founder and CEO, Lucy Aylen, discuss the world-renowned fashion brand’s successful cross-border ecommerce strategy. Learn how launching an advanced localised webstore and leveraging data-based best practices, allowed the pioneering fashion brand to increase its DTC online sales across international markets.

Country report
Singapore: The cross-border ecommerce opportunity

Singapore has the 2nd highest GDP in the world, and thanks to its digitally savvy population, and government-backed initiatives that support high levels of ecommerce, Singapore’s cross-border ecommerce market is well positioned for growth. Singapore, therefore, represents a valuable opportunity for ecommerce retailers and brands. Explore this market’s unique shopping characteristics and learn how you can optimise your offering in promising market to meet local best-practices and increase conversion rates.

Country report
The Mexico cross-border ecommerce market

The Mexican ecommerce market, the second largest ecommerce market in Latin America, is growing rapidly and its value is set to double by 2023. With cross-border sales already accounting for over 30% of total ecommerce market, Mexico represents a huge opportunity for online retailers and brands. Delve into the unique preferences of Mexican online shoppers and best-practices to increase conversion rates in this rapidly emerging market.