Open Positions

Software Engineer Team Leader

We are seeking an experienced Software Engineer Team Leader for Global-e’s core R&D department. 

At Global-e, teams are cross-functional and have full ownership of their domain. We aim for continuous delivery, a smooth developer experience, top-tier code, high-quality processes, and an excellent, outcome-driven engineering culture. 

In this role, you will be responsible for the development of our core system, which serves as the backbone of our platform and provides essential APIs for integration with customer websites. 

 Additionally, integration with third-party services to provide shipping, payments, and risk management features. 

The core department is also tasked with developing the necessary infrastructure to support all operations, including web-based back-office applications and Logistics integration. 

Join our team and play a significant role in shaping the future of our platform. 


  • Manage 6-8 employees, responsible for the delivery of Business features.  
  • At least 4 years of experience managing Scrum teams. 
  • At least 5 years of experience developing end-to-end web applications with MVC (C#).
  • Develop SaaS market-leading e-Commerce cross-border services for B-2-B-2-C. 
  • Take full ownership of processes and features, including architectural design, software design and implementation, with support from the team and Engineering Leadership. 
  • Develop and implement software development best practices. 
  • Conduct code reviews to ensure we deliver high-quality, maintainable code 
  • Drive testing methodologies within the team, automation tests (E2E, Integration, Unit) to new and existing features, non-functional testing types such as security, performance & load, and HÀ (High Available) to ensure the platform’s reliability. 
  • Mentor Junior and Mid-level engineers and play a significant role in their growth. 
  • Help to adopt the DevOps culture, own your code approach, and improve observability. 
  • Work on Global-e’s user interface (React + TypeScript) to deliver an exceptional merchant and Buyer experience. 

Our Tech Stack 

  • Back-end: .NET framework MVC. Microservices using, dotnet 5+, NestJS, TypeScript, and GraphQL.  
  • Front-end: React with TypeScript. 
  • Database: No-SQL and SQL databases (MS SQL, Postgres, Couchbase, Redis, and more) 
  • Event Bus: We are using Kafka and Rabbit-MQ. 
  • Infrastructure: We run on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and our stack is cloud-based, running on Kubernetes.