Global-ecommerce Calendar 2023


Global-ecommerce Calendar 2024

The Global-ecommerce Calendar 2024 contains the most popular e-commerce shopping events and holidays around the world, complete with useful information to help you plan all your global online promotions in advance.


The Black Friday-Cyber Monday 2023 Report

We analysed the uplift in global e-commerce sales and conversion rates during the month of November and in the lead up to the Black Friday weekend, all the way through to Cyber Monday. We also took a close look at how different international markets performed during the BFCM weekend compared to the previous year.


The Cross-Border Ecommerce Shopper Survey

Billions of people worldwide purchase the same items online and follow the same brands. In our survey, we examined the behaviours and preferences of cross-border online shoppers across different markets worldwide and how they connect with the brands they are buying from.